Millennials, Here's How to Find Remote Work

November 21 - Paulina Sanchez

Working from home has been one of the greatest perks that I’ve had my entire professional career. Before working in the tech industry, I worked in sports and media, where working holidays were required. Now, I get to work from home at least once a week.

At first, working from home was uneasy, as I am regularly surrounded by people, being micromanaged, going out to lunch with colleagues, and commuting. I had to train myself to work from home. It took some getting used to, but now, I would love to work remotely full-time. When socializing, I would catch that many were looking for the same thing: wanting to leave their office role and work remotely.

According to Google Trends, there is an increase in interest in the web search term ‘remote jobs.' Within the last five years, United States wins the most searches for ‘remote jobs’ in the world. The countries that follow are: Canada, Australia, Ireland, and Kenya. Remote work had a vast increase of interest within the last five years around the world.

If you’re curious of which cities in the United States has the most searches on Google, Atlanta comes on top as the city, with the most searches with Denver coming in second. It appears that in many cities, the commute to work is far or expensive.

Whether you want to work remotely to save money on gas, or wanting to travel and work, or just want income so that you can focus on your side hustle, here are some recommendations where you can start digging:

1. Bucketlist Bombshells Tribe

This Facebook group is a women-only community where you can connect with online entrepreneurs all around the world. Members can share advice, get support, and post remote jobs. The group was created by two millenial women who decided to leave their corporate jobs to work remotely and travel.

I have been a member of this group for almost two years and it's really inspiring. Members often share their stories, their success, which country they are currently in, and how glad they left their office role to freelance full-time abroad. In this group, you will occasionally read posts by a blogger, digital marketing manager, engineer, designer, photographer, etc.

2. Remote Work & Jobs for Digital Nomads

A Facebook group where all members are looking for remote work in digital all around the world. This community is also helpful in answering questions if you post on the board, but be careful that you don’t fall for a scam. At times, members will post referrals for new openings or easy jobs that pay well, so make sure you turn the notifications on.

3. WeWork Remotely

WeWork is a worldwide coworking company that has been in the headlines for affordability and is rumored to be a threat to the commercial real estate industry. The company leases their spaces to many startups, and it also provides job posting services as a perk. The website is called WeWork Remotely, and the job openings are all companies that are currently members in their coworking community.

4. Jobspresso

When I found this job board, I knew I hit the jackpot. The companies that are aggregated to this site mostly consist of brands like TED, Rent The Runway, Vox Media, Twitch, Apple, and Amazon. That’s right - jackpot. When I browsed through the postings, I found that many have great benefits including healthcare, PTO, and sick days. Although, not all jobs can be performed worldwide; for security reasons, some employers ask you stay in the United States.

5. Workwew

This job board is similar to Jobspresso, as they have the same layout, but they have different listings and industries. The companies are similar, but do not get fooled, because that does not mean they are the same job listing.

6. UpWork

UpWork works differently as they do not have job listings that you can see before you apply. First, you have to apply to become a freelancer by UpWork, then you find work. If you've never worked from home before and would like to introduce yourself to that lifestyle, this is a great way to start. The job categories range from customer service to sales, and possibly odd jobs that do not require a lot of commitment.

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