Millennials, Improve Your Resume with These Online Courses

October 10 - Paulina Sanchez

When I was in college, I wanted to have a career in something related to my major post-graduation. Luckily, I did work in the industry that I majored in, but life happens. I moved to a tech hub city where jobs (degree related) were limited and my skills were not applicable to technology or internet companies. I searched online for certifications or even a semester class to enroll into to ensure that I could get a job in the new city I moved to.

I needed to improve my skills set fast, so I found these following websites that helped me improve my resume and my hiring rate. Each website varies, most are affordable, and they all have certifications in almost in every industry. If you are looking to change careers or learn something new without going back to school, this is the affordable route to take. I must warn that some of these courses are not easy; just like an ordinary course you will have homework and studying. I took a couple of courses, which I use to boost my resume, but with the certifications I received, I freelance, too. You never know where these courses will take you. Happy learning!

  1. Groupon

No, that was not a typo. Groupon is the coupon and deal website for food, travel, and activities, but did you know that they have online learning deals? Check out their online learning site here.

There are about 300 online courses that you can take that range from $5 to $200. Technically, that Starbucks venti latte you get every other day is equivalent to an online certification to a skill you could have added to your resume. Stop buying and start investing in you. Below are a couple of certifications that Groupon offers:

-Project Management Certification, $99

-Oracle Training Course Bundle, $59

-Graphic Design Master Certification, $49

-iOS Mobile App-Development Online Course, $10

2. Lynda

This online learning website is run by LinkedIn, which is the notable social network for working professionals. Lynda offers a free trial so that you can see if you like any of the courses they offer. Their learning paths are Business, Audio, CAD, Design, Education, IT, Marketing, Photography, Video, Animation, and Web. Their courses are limited at the moment, but if you are interested in technology and business, it won’t hurt to take a look. The rate is $29.99 a month and you get access to all the courses where you can get a certification from each course completed. Here are some classes you can enroll in:

-Wordpress Essential Training

-SEO Foundations

-Learning Python

3. Coursera

I found out about Coursera when I was in college: A professor brought this up during lecture: Why go to college and get in debt when there is a free website online where you can get free certifications from the best universities in the world? That's what Coursera is. Coursera is a great tool to find affordable courses from top universities like Harvard, Stanford, and MIT, to name a few. Some are free, but most are usually less than $50 a month for each course. There are courses in Public Health, Law, Art, Government, IT, Data Science, Business, Medicine, Engineering, etc. Here are some courses that you might be interested in:

-Graphic Design Specialization, $49 per month, created by California Institute of the Arts
CalArts' Graphic Design program is one of the premier programs for the study of graphic and print arts in the U.S.

-Foundations of Global Health Specialization, $39 per month, created by John Hopkins University

-Introduction to Environmental Law and Policy, $49 one-time fee, created by University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

-Moral Foundations of Politics, $49 one-time fee, created by Yale University

4. Udemy

Udemy is a popular online learning website that has courses, from almost everything from personal development to business law. The prices vary on the site but there are some that start at $10.99 for each course. Depending on the specialization you have in mind, Udemy has a broad range of courses that will likely be more available than those on other sites.

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