June is Pride Month: Where's Your Place in Pride?

June 28 - Taylor Marshall

As most of us are aware of, June is Pride Month. Pride can be a touchy subject in the workplace, because achieving the perfect balance in the workplace can also be a bit of a challenge.

Equilibrium, balance, fairness, justice— equality has many names, and the achievement of all the above should be something that every company strives for. However, the journey to that achievement can be treacherous, which is why pride in the workplace can be difficult.

It all boils down to effort. During this month, many companies and brands have spoken out in favor of equality for Pride Month on their social media, which seems to be a great display of widespread support for LGBTQ+ pride in our culture. But does this “support” check all the boxes? (One example: There’s always the issue of brands capitalizing on pride month by simply pumping out a few rainbow-themed posts and/or retail items that still leave their intentions to be questioned).

In business, one of the quickest ways to succeed is to answer people’s questions before they have a chance to ask. During Pride Month, this means illuminating each dark, questionable corner with the light of equality. Where there is monotony, let there be diversity. Where there is seclusion, let there be inclusion. Where there is discomfort, let there be ease.

Below, I’ve compiled 4 ways to that support for pride can manifest prosperity and wellbeing, either personally or in the workplace. Here’s to believing that success and equality always belong in the same space:

  1. Diversify your social media.

    How can you include those of other races? Sizes? Sexual orientations? There’s a place for everyone on every platform and in every space. Simply being inclusive on social media can reflect pure intentions and cultivate a sense of comfort and acceptance.

    Looking at this from a business perspective, what you post is directly reflective of who will support you; do you want support from one group, or all groups? By increasing inclusivity, you increase your following. And, even more importantly, you increase your voice in favor of equality.

    Manifest equality by keeping a comfortable social space.

    This can be as easy as monitoring and controlling your language. At work, are you saying,“hey girls!” or “hey everyone!”? Consider how the smallest tweaks can expand your inclusivity to include more and more people. Tiny tweaks can truly make all the difference.

    3. Commit to diversity in the hiring process— employees
    or friends.

    If you are a company, what do your employees represent? When you’re seeking out new members, how are you making it clear that you are 100% inclusive? The employees are the face of the business, so if you want to be an advocate for equality, you must go all in with inclusivity in your team.

    In your personal life, your friends and the people you surround yourself with directly influence who you are. Do you only hang out with people who are just like you? If so, how could being around people who don’t mirror you expand your mind and heart? This is, in a very personal way, supporting pride because it’s supporting diversity.

    4. Encourage conversation and encourage

    Create outings, get togethers, free-flowing conversation— anything that encompasses as many people as possible. Emphasize the fact that all are welcome and everyone is invited. This is a prime example of literal inclusivity… all you have to do is leave no one out, and you are automatically supporting pride by supporting all.
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