Four Tips to Make Sure You are Beach Ready!

June 6 - Alex Longoria

The sun is starting to peek out from behind the clouds and the weather is warming up. You’re starting to think, “Am I beach-body ready?” The answer is yes. Always yes! Do you have a body? Are you ready to have some fun in the sun? Then you are beach-body ready.

Here are some tips to make sure you’re taking care of yourself while out there soaking up those rays.

Even if the sun dips behind some clouds or you’re sitting under the shade, as much as 80 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays can make it through. Make sure to keep applying sunscreen every 30 minutes to an hour, especially if you take a dip in the water. Whether you’re pale and burn easily or are olive-skinned or dark-complected and hardly tan a few shades, applying sunscreen will protect you from the harsh UV rays of the sun and protect your skin long term.

Stay hydrated

Sure, it’s great to have an ice-cold beer or fruity cocktail while lounging in the shade, but remember to switch it up and keep drinking water as well to avoid becoming dehydrated.

Make your sunglasses and sunhat your favorite accessories.

Wide-brim sunhats are all the rage right now, and large dark-tinted sunglasses will make you look like a rock star. The plus side to these in-vogue accessories is that they are great for protecting your face and eyes from harmful UV rays.

Have fun!

The best part of the warm weather is being able to enjoy outdoor activities. Having fun in the sun is essential to our well-being. The vitamin D provided by the sun helps us absorb calcium and promotes strong bone growth and maintenance. Taking a break from work or being indoors is crucial to our mental and emotional health. It allows us to bond with our friends and family socially and helps us feel fresh and ready to conquer any hurdles life throws at us.

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