Cutting Through the Clutter: Keeping Current with the Latest News

June 28 - Jenna Lee Babin

Journalist and Founder Jenna Lee Babin shares insider tips about the best way to keep current.

After a decade as a national news anchor, I decided to take a huge leap. I chose to walk away from a career I loved to pursue the unknown. I wasn’t walking away from journalism; I just knew consumers needed something different from journalists, and I wanted to pioneer a solution. Inspired by friends and acquaintances alike who often expressed their frustration with the media and the challenges of keeping current, I developed, a nonpartisan news platform inspired by but not limited to the multitasking modern American woman. We curate and bullet point the news so in 30 seconds to three minutes, the user can easily access trustworthy, quality information on a whole host of different issues. Our sunglasses logo and mission go hand in hand: Everyone should have their own point of view and style, but we want to help you see news differently. Here are a few of my other best-kept secrets for keeping current:

Download the Associated Press app

The AP encompasses the oldest news wires in the United States and is one of the most prominent sources of news on the planet. It has a reach that’s unparalleled in modern journalism. The app can adjust to your geographic area, but also provide you a ton of fresh news from all over the world—with little editorial opinion. Plus, it has incredible photos, and I love the category “Oddities.” Check it out!


This is a must-visit website, especially during election season. The site posts articles with opposing points of view, so you get a ton of interesting news stories in one place. The Real Clear Politics Average is a tool the website innovated that averages out poll numbers, so instead of getting just a snapshot on an issue or a candidate, you can see more of the full picture, at least for a specific moment in time.


Go straight to the source. There are so many strong, editorial opinions about any administration, but the editorial point of view on this particular White House often seeps into the news coverage for good or for bad. I think it’s really important from time to time to go straight to the source as part of the process of forming your own opinion. The WH posts the transcripts of press briefings, press releases and other announcements.

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Jenna Lee Babin is an American journalist, writer, producer and founder of Leep Media LLC and SmartHer News. She is also today's featured Woman to Watch! Click here to learn more about her and SmartHer News!

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