Four Ways to Nourish Your Whole Self with The Rainbow Diet

August 28 - Deanna Minich

When you're a busy businesswoman, you're always on the go. And when you're always on the go, it can be hard to eat well; grabbing a large, sugary iced coffee and a donut from Dunkin' Donuts in the morning is much easier than making a veggie omelet. I get it.

That being said, it's super important to eat well, especially when you work really hard. What we eat

1. Track your colors, not your calories.

We spend so much time and energy over-intellectualizing food and focusing on its nutritional numbers even though research has shown that the more restrained we feel in our eating, the more likely we are to feel anxious or depressed. Take the stress out of food choices by enjoying nutritious whole foods in a rainbow of colors.

2. Remember that variety is the spice of life.

Your body wants to be fed with an array of colors, tastes and smells. Experiment with a new recipe or try a new ingredient or spices in one of your favorite go-to recipes.

3. Pay attention not just to what you eat but how you eat.

Eating begins well before that first bite is taken. Next time you’re in the grocery store, see which colors speak to you. Take time to feel and smell the foods and even learn more about where they came from. While you’re cooking, savor the color and rich aroma of the food you’re preparing. Try combining different colors on your plate so it looks like an artist’s palette.

4. Notice your mood.

See which foods change how you feel. Do they bring you calm, joy, or focus or do they make you more depressed, anxious, aggressive, wired, or fatigued? Trust your body’s signals and let it guide your food choices.

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