Four Ways To Shake Up Your Management Style With Agile

May 22 - Michelle Peluso
Inspired by the Agile approach to development, Michelle Peluso applied the principles and structure of this software-development methodology to her marketing management style. This new approach has set her apart from the crowd and made her successful as the new chief marketing office at IBM.
  1. Using data versus opinions. Sometimes we get caught up in our own emotions, and seeing hard data and numbers can put things back into perspective and back on track.
  2. Speed: Move fast and break things. Agile relies on burst planning or “sprints” that keeps the team on track and the objective of the project fresh in everyone’s mind. It also allows for the team to be retrospective and reflect on the mistakes or miscalculations of the past.
  3. Collaborate and adapt with a team. The ideas of Agile rely on a team of equals rather than a hierarchy, so everyone’s expertise is included. This also ensures everyone on the team is up to speed with the plans for the next sprint and can better adapt to changes.
  4. Improvisation Because Agile relies on the collaboration and creativity of the entire team, taking risks to improvise is encouraged. Step out of your comfort zone to discover something new.

Today's Woman to Watch is Michelle Peluso, the senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at IBM!


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