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The Viral BFF Bracelet
October 29 - Sarah Ashlock

FIRST THOUGHT: Wearable Girl Power and Glam

Someone once said that a piece of jewelry is like art but only becomes valuable when meaning is added to it. I naturally thought about it in terms of who gave it to you and for one reason. But there’s also something special about it signifying a particular season in your life. Take, for instance, the Hamsa. Shaped like a hand, it’s become a trendy piece even though its centuries old. It can represent strength and power. A triangle pendant has been connected to Christianity or a sense of aspiration, of rising up. If you’ve always worn the same necklace or ring or bracelet, ask yourself if you’re still that same person. If you’re not, don’t be afraid to express who you are right now.

WOMEN IN NUMBERS: 82 percent

In Harry Potter, the gang takes turns wearing Slytherin’s locket. The gold horcrux was heavy, both literally and figuratively. The person wearing it would have their deepest and darkest feelings amplified, from anger to jealousy to lust. It’s a fantastic example of the power of what we wear and that we’re easily influenced for good or for bad. Did you know 82 percent of women believe horcruxes (you know, those items where Harry Potter’s adversary Voldemort put a piece of himself into items to keep his spirit alive) influence us? Just kidding, you silly muggle. What they do believe is that social media influences trends.

WOMAN TO WATCH: Adriana Carrig and Mariah Grippo, Little Words Project

I remember back in the day when Conan or Jay Leno or one of those dudes was interviewing Lindsay Lohan. She talked about a tattoo she got on her wrist, written in white ink. It said, “breathe.” The host laughed at it, saying something along the lines of “in case you forget?” And I felt for her because how often do you need to remind yourself to breathe?

Before you go under the needle, check out Adriana Carrig’s Little Words Project, which Mariah helped grow exponentially. It’ll give you the same results (breathe!) and look cute to boot. Mariah explains the biz as being the “nice girl gang,” where friendship is everything.

Adriana got the idea for Little Words Project after dealing with not-so-nice girl gangs, you know, those mean girls in class or at work. Handcrafted bracelets feature a different inspirational word. Mariah is the wholesale and brand director and cheerleader of the company. But here’s what makes Adriana’s jewelry incredible: each bracelet comes with a tracking code. When you purchase it, you use their website or app, type in the code, and register your “why.” Why you chose this word and why you need it.

Once the bracelet has served you, Adriana and Mariah urge you to give it to another woman who needs it. That woman can use the code, see your story and add her own. It’s like a modern-day equivalent of writing on dollar bills. Mariah hopes it shows that we’re all in this together, we’re all connected through kindness.

Mariah started her career as a post-production intern at the Dr. Oz Show before heading to retail operations at Michael Kors and promotions assistant at iHeartMedia. For the past three years, she’s put her everything into Little Words Project and is humbled by the kindness of women across the world.

Recently, Adriana and Mariah headed to Nike for a new collab. Mariah shares that the Little Words Project is her stepchild, since the early days of beading bracelets in no AC to now. When Adriana thinks back at her company’s struggles, she says that finding the right team is one of them. But with Mariah by her side, it’s smooth sailing.


Mariah said:

"Together we can do something positive to Girl World. But remember- it starts with you."

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