Two-minute Take Two: Ann Shoket, Fan Favorite 2017

December 28 - On The Dot
Happy holidays, y’all! I am super excited to serve up two weeks of Fan Favorites to keep you inspired throughout this crazy holiday season. We’ve shortened On The Dot to just two minutes, as we know you are extra busy this time of year! Today, you will meet Ann Shoket again. And let me tell you, the next two minutes will definitely get your blood pumping! In fact, she shared an exclusive update with us at the end of this episode.

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WOMAN TO WATCH: Ann Shoket, Author, Speaker and Thought Leader for Millennial Women

There are plenty of fulfilling side hustles out there for resourceful millennial women, from exploring your artistic side to hawking the latest, greatest gizmo you fabricated in your basement. And today’s Woman to Watch, Ann Shoket, would be the first to tell women to carve our own paths on our own terms. She’s the world’s most devout cheerleader for millennial women, helping these go-getters change what it means to be powerful and successful in the world. For Ann, it all comes down to one belief: Women are badass!

Ann doesn’t come to this conclusion without proof. She’s spent her career championing young women on the national stage. A journalist with decades of experience, Ann was the executive editor for CosmoGirl, helping the publication break new ground by highlighting material about the complex and emotional aspects of young women’s lives. She was later editor-in-chief of Seventeen Magazine, which, since the 1940s, has featured some of the most impactful content for teenage girls.

In 2012, in an effort to ensure the magazine was being authentic, Ann met with a seriously cool 14-year-old girl who started a petition—complete with 85,000 signatures—demanding the magazine end its use of retouched photos of seemingly perfect young models. Emboldened by the teen’s pursuit, Ann fulfilled this request, pledging to never change girls’ body or face shapes, always feature real—and healthy—girls and models, and to be totally up-front about what goes into the magazine’s photo shoots. How refreshing!

Ann is definitely a publishing powerhouse, a fact made more clear in her new book, The Big Life: Embrace the Mess, Work Your Side Hustle, Find a Monumental Relationship, and Become the Badass Babe You Were Meant to Be. It’s a wonderful guide for any woman on how to tap into your passion, honor your dreams and totally own your destiny. It’s all about helping women recognize our power, and making the world recognize it too. As Ann says, “Stay young, hungry, ambitious and open to all the possibilities in life.”


And this just in: You can listen to Ann’s TED Talk, titled Why We Should All Be More Millennial, by clicking the link here. Happy New Year, everyone! What will 2018 bring for you?

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