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All the Single Ladies (Find Their Matches at the…Food Pantry?)
March 27 - Sarah Ashlock


Do you ever feel like you’re chasing a piece of paper down the street that’s floating away in the wind, only that piece of paper is, like, your life? I feel like we all have moments or even years like that, where we feel like we just can’t quite catch up.

One of my favorite tips about this never-ending cycle of to-dos comes from a former Woman to Watch, Courtney Carver: If your never-empty inbox is the bane of your existence, remember that the more emails you send, the more you receive. Don’t respond to notes that don’t need a response. Set one chunk of time out of every day to email your heart out in lieu of checking your notifications every hour. What are some of your favorite go-to hacks for feeling less stressed?


One thing I don’t think we talk enough about is the stress of finding a life partner. It’s almost as if it’s uncool to be a little vulnerable and admit when you’re wishing you’d find someone. There’s nothing desperate about wanting a date to lead to more dates and eventually a shared Netflix account. According to eHarmony, 40 percent of Americans use online dating to snag someone, but I can’t help but think that number is probably even higher now.

WOMAN TO WATCH: Brooke Waupsh, Co-founder & CEO of Swoovy

What’s one of the qualities you’re looking for in a potential suitor? Having something in common, right? Some of the most popular dating sites rely on looks rather than actual interests. That’s where Swoovy comes in. Brooke Waupsh co-founded this new mobile dating app that works a little differently than anything you’ve seen before.

Entrepreneurship was always going to be a part of Brooke’s life. Before starting high school, she and her family suffered a shock when a tumor was discovered in her mother’s brain. After a successful surgery, her mom had to learn the basics all over again, like walking and eating. It also meant that Brooke had to work a few jobs as a way to help support the household—a hustling mentality that never left her.

Following jobs at advertising agencies, community banks and credit unions, Brooke set out on her own with Swoovy. The tagline is “great dates start with good deeds,” which is why first dates through Swoovy aren’t centered on another awkward dinner. Instead, couples are connected and participate in a volunteer project for a nonprofit, instead. Part of what’s awesome about this concept is that after you select your potential boo, you book a date through a list of events. There’s no guesswork for you or your future one and only.

If you’ve ever been on a bad date, you know that unless your cocktail blew your freakin’ socks off, you can’t help but feel like you wasted your time and potentially money. If your date through Swoovy is not the one, though, you’ll at least feel like you did a little good in your community. Some Swoovy ideas include stocking shelves at a food pantry and beautifying a local park.

Brooke says that while most Americans want to volunteer, it isn’t easy trying to fit first dates and work and a full DVR into the schedule. Combining your love life with a burgeoning philanthropic side might be just what a single girl needs.


Everyone wants a Stedman to their Oprah, right? As the queen bee said:

"There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honor your calling. It's why you were born."

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