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May 25 - On The Dot


Were you ever scared of monsters? One serious movie covers this topic: Monsters, Inc. OK, maybe it’s not so serious, but it’s definitely a great flick. The gist is that monsters scare kids and kids scream, and those screams work to power the city. But, of course, there’s a problem with the monsters harnessing children’s screams. Spoiler alert: The monsters are actually scared of the kids. Aside from the movie being adorable and funny, the message has always stuck with me. We’re often afraid of what we don’t know, of who we don’t know: a new job, a new face, a new experience. The secret that everyone tends to forget is that we’re all trying something new, like, all the time. So, I guess the lesson is don’t fight the monsters; befriend them.

WOMEN IN NUMBERS: 30 Percent More

If you are scared by children, particularly your own (especially when they’re hangry), you are not alone. But if you’re a mama, you trudge on through the perils of parenthood undaunted. According to one recent survey, women spend about 30 percent more time parenting than men. That’s more time every day helping your little monster with his homework, changing Baby’s blowouts, packing lunches and so on. Talk about the “mother load!”

WOMEN TO WATCH: Candice Romo and Hollie Siglin, Co-founders of Hawk + Sloane

Another way moms come to the rescue for our children is by fighting those darn monsters under the bed and shooing beasts out of the closet. Our pint-sized rug rats have big imaginations that can conjure up just about anything that’ll delay a good night’s sleep. Fortunately, there’s a real-life remedy specifically for such situations. Today’s Women to Watch, mompreneurs Candice Romo and Hollie Siglin, started Hawk + Sloane as a way to tackle childhood-specific predicaments with the help of essential oils.

The term “essential oils” may conjure up thoughts of a day spa or a holistic healing endeavor featuring aromatherapy. But Candice and Hollie have discovered that essential oils can actually help make parenthood a little less daunting. Take their Hawk + Sloane Scary Spray. A blend of calming lemon and eucalyptus oils, it is a toddler’s first line of bedtime defense against imaginary monsters lurking about. Just squirt some Scary Spray where monsters may be skulking and before you know it, the kiddo is relaxed and ready for bed.

Hawk + Sloane’s other helpful products include Stinky Spray, which helps eliminate smelly diaper odors; lavender-infused, sleep-fairy-approved Sleepy Spray for helping fretful kids fall peacefully asleep; and my favorite, Sassy Spray, a blend of apple cider vinegar and green veggies that’s billed as a modern-day soap-in-the-mouth tantrum remedy. Hawk + Sloane sprays are available online and at dozens of retailers throughout the United States.

Part of what makes Candice and Hollie’s partnership work so well is that, as good friends since middle school, they have an understanding of each other’s strengths. Before Hawk + Sloane, Hollie worked in real estate and Candice worked in broadcast journalism, a gig that enabled her to meet her hubby, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

In the end, it’s Hollie and Candice’s dedication to family that makes Hawk + Sloane a real success. After all, it’s their experience with the joys—and occasional messes—of mothering that have enabled them to create a company that helps moms and dads conquer parenthood one spray at a time.


We’re sure Candice Romo and Hollie Siglin would agree with this sentiment from columnist Robyn Passante, who said:

“The beauty of motherhood is in the folds and creases of our lives, the grimaces and tantrums, the moments when we have to grit our teeth to get through, when we pound on windows and yell and scream and demand better of each other and ourselves.”

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