Caroline Ghosn: She’s Millennial Women’s Career Co-pilot

July 3 - On The Dot
FIRST THOUGHT: Finding Your Path

Recently, a younger friend of mine shared a story. Her boss said she isn’t supposed to have work-life balance, isn’t supposed to work only 40-ish hours every week, that she should be wholly dedicated to her job. My friend loves every project she takes on, but she isn’t interested in settling for a workaholic lifestyle, one that erases other joys in life, like, say, happy hour with me. Today, don’t waste a minute letting unjust criticism rewrite the schedule that works for you. If 9 to 9 is more your jam or if taking a breather helps you tackle Monday with more gusto, then go for it! You are the only person in charge of your destiny.

WOMEN IN NUMBERS: 12.8 Percent

When it comes to young folks shaking up the traditional career path, I think it’s all about millennials—people born between about 1982 and 2004—being more interested in job satisfaction than stacks of cash. This may be one reason why the unemployment rate for this generation hangs at a weighty 12.8 percent, when the national average is more like 4.7 percent. Now, I know what you baby boomers and gen Xers are thinking: Millennials are lazy! Sure, there are some real duds out there, like with any generation, but chances are if you talk to a millennial, you’ll realize she faces a whole new set of career challenges you never had to. And she might even share a popular meme that sums up the job-search hurdles many millennials face: “Can’t get a job without experience. Can’t get experience without a job.”

WOMAN TO WATCH: Caroline Ghosn, Founder and CEO of Levo

Ladies, when you’re trying to land a dream job—heck, any good job—you can’t simply go traipsing into an office with a resume in hand like in days past. So what’s a job-hunting gal to do? Enter Caroline Ghosn, a savvy and enterprising lady who’s helping women define their purpose and learn how to launch successful, fulfilling careers.

Caroline is the founder of Levo, a career platform that helps people—including a whole lot of millennials—find their path. Amid curmudgeonly advice articles often authored by humdrum career men, Levo definitely stands out. Offering a fresh perspective, Caroline aims to enable the ascent of this generation’s conscious leaders. Levo endeavors to be millennial workers’ career co-pilot, offering tools to help them develop their talent, build connections with peers, mentors and employers, and stay inspired every day. And considering millennials are the largest generation to ever enter the U.S. workforce, Levo’s mission is a welcome one.

With investors and mentors like Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg and a loyal following, Levo offers practical tools to help users gain that much-needed work experience, and focuses not only on setting millennials up for success, but also on guiding them to cultivate careers they’re excited about. Seizing the power of our digital world, Levo also makes mentors accessible through online courses and video chats. So, whether you’re in Anaheim or Annapolis, you can garner inspiration and advice from women in careers ranging from event planning and women’s empowerment to academia and broadcast journalism.

Using her own past as a guide, Caroline, a Stanford grad, has a couple of tidbits of advice for millennial entrepreneurs out there. First, intern or volunteer at a startup. It’s a great way to learn the ropes. Second, identify what gives you energy and what depletes your energy. That’ll help pilot your choices and protect your time. And then there’s my favorite piece of advice from Caroline: “The sooner you understand what makes you tick and accept your value as a singular human being, the sooner you can start living fully!”


Whether you’re 22 or 82, these wise words from Caroline Ghosn ring true:

“This is not your practice life. There are no dress rehearsals, and every day is a gift you can only strive to comprehend the generosity of.”

This is Melinda Garvey signing off until next time. Remember, ladies, empowered women empower other women. Share On the Dot so more women can have a voice. Thanks for getting ready with us.

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