Charlotte Fors: Emboldening Women in Tech

June 21 - Sarah Ashlock


We spend a lot of time measuring aspects of our lives: How long did it take for you clean up this weekend? How many hours did you clock in at work? How much time did brunch with the girls take? We accrue a lot of data, but usually don’t put it all together. Carve out one hour of your week and draw a circle. That’s right; you’re going to make a pie chart with categories you value, like health, relationships, career, home, and so on. Does anything surprise you? If you want to go the extra mile, create the pie chart, and then revisit it in a week after you actually track your activities. Imagine that pie chart’s Ryan Gosling circa 2014 and take your time. Our lives are worth a thoughtful double take.


For the number crunchers out there, they’ve already started to assemble their pie chart. Women often excel at collecting and using data before making big decisions. It’s a skill that’s particularly vital when we think about cold hard cash.

Do you have a bank account? If you don’t, you’re not alone. Only 58 percent of women have an account at a financial institution, while 65 percent of men do. The Great Depression may have convinced your Papa to prefer storing money in his mattress to an actual bank, but if you’re earning more than a mattress could hold, you might reconsider.

WOMAN TO WATCH: Charlotte Fors, VP of Sales at Nexmo

Of course, a huge majority of that percentage consists of individuals who do not have access to financial institutions, or have legitimate concern to question their reliability. (Even Gringotts got robbed, y’all).

Part of what’s thrilling about technology is its ability to give access to services in previously remote areas. Nexmo is the world’s largest messaging provider, and businesses across the globe are using it to interact and connect with customers in a whole new way. Today’s Woman to Watch, Charlotte Fors was named the VP of Sales at Nexmo.

Nexmo’s aim is to diminish the normal hurdles that businesses face in trying to create a global presence. One of the ways in which Nexmo has set itself apart is through its customer support. You always know if a biz is five stars once you have a problem and need to seek out help. Fitbit and GitHub are just a few brands that depend on this reliable platform.

Charlotte has a professional history that matches this powerful role. Before doing her thing at Nexmo, Charlotte worked as a strategy consultant after she earned her master’s in business in Sweden, and then her doctorate. She’s known for building legit sales strategies, managing large accounts, and both building and budgeting technical sales.

Back in 2010 - when I think some people were still using landlines - Charlotte launched an organization formerly called Women in Wireless, now referred to as mBolden. Nearly a decade later, mBolden is a place of comradery and inclusion for women in the tech industry. The organization has partnered with companies like Facebook that give members insider networking access and new job opportunities.

One of Charlotte’s former managers deemed her a “creative tactician,” and a former employee called her a mentor and visionary. These are the kinds of praises that can’t be bought; they have to be earned. There’s no doubt the “career” section in Charlotte’s pie chart is abundant.


Nancy Pelosi said:

"Women are leaders everywhere you look--from the CEO who runs a Fortune 500 company to the housewife who raises her children and heads her household. Our country was built by strong women, and we will continue to break down walls and defy stereotypes."

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