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Unhappy at Your Job? Here’s What to Do About It
October 16 - Sarah Ashlock

FIRST THOUGHT: A Humbling Reality

Sink or swim. That’s kind of what everything is about, right? Every test you take, every interview you have, every presentation you give. It’s up to you if you fail or succeed, sure. But what about all the other variables? What about your egotistical colleague who takes credit for your accomplishments? Not to mention sexism, favoritism and all the other kind of -isms that can plague your workplace.

Today, think about three challenging aspects of your job. If you say there aren’t any, then add that to the list because every gig has its faults. Now, you can’t change your boss’s penchant for sending emails in all caps at 1 a.m., but you can choose to respond during normal business hours. What’s the thing that you can control, and what are you going to do about it?


According to the career gal we’re featuring today, 44 percent of people say they’re happy in their current job. That’s more than half who have admitted to themselves and others that they’re downright miserable. This despondency can be attributed to a lack of growth or resources to learn, or a disdain for those you see every day. Don’t get sucked into that black hole of hating your job. Brainstorm ways to leverage your strengths and increase a feeling of ownership and, without a doubt, get some noise-cancelling headphones.

WOMAN TO WATCH: Katrina McGhee, Media Personality, Podcast Host and Career Strategist

We go to school, interview for full-time jobs, get hired. We—and others—expect us to have this whole work thing figured out from the get-go. The truth is that poli-sci class didn't quite prepare us for the dynamics of the workplace, like hypersensitive personalities or ball-busting bosses. Then there’s the actual work you’ve got to learn, despite a lack of company training. Today’s Woman to Watch is career strategist Katrina McGhee, who’s here to up your game and give you an accurate assessment of what your future holds.

Katrina followed the safe path with her career. She went to business school, earned all the gold stars and pursued a career as a healthcare actuary and market researcher, getting the promotions and the bonus checks. Katrina didn't feel fulfilled, though, so she chatted with a life coach and made the bold leap to travel the world with the thousands of dollars she’d saved up from her job.

Katrina’s story isn’t an outline to follow completely, and that’s the point. As a career strategist, she finds out what works specifically for you. When she got back from her travel escapades, Katrina landed a handful of job offers and figured out she had to follow through with that scary idea that kept nagging at her: start her own biz.

While Katrina will help guide you to find your life’s purpose and the like, she gets at the nitty gritty, boring stuff first, like money. Let’s face it, ladies: You can’t pursue your dream without having some disposable cash lying around. Katrina advises you to track what’s coming in and going out while you’re still at that job you hate. That way, you have a better understanding of exactly what you’re working with, and knowing that makes considering a huge life change a lot less frightening.

By all accounts, Katrina admits her former 9-5 job was awesome; it had flexibility and a solid paycheck, and she even felt valued by her colleagues and bosses. Still, she wanted something more, and she honored that decision. Katrina is an example that even though something looks perfect from someone else’s perspective, it may not necessary feel perfect to you, and that’s totally OK. You do you, girlfriend.

Follow Katrina on Instagram @kmcgheecoaching.

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If you’re shaking your head thinking you’re too old or that you’ve already invested a lot of time and money in your current career path, shake it off. If what youre doing doesn’t feel right, remember it’s not too late. Germany Kent is someone who has tried out just about everything with great success, from writing to modeling. She said:

"Never underestimate the power you have to take your life in a new direction."

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