Kieran Flanagan: She’s Making the Impossible Possible

August 18 - On The Dot

Today, I’m en route to surprise my best friend for her birthday. And I’m more than happy to take some time off from my hectic schedule to do so. In fact, when it comes to both personal and professional relationships, I think there’s one thing advice blogs and common business tips totally get wrong: the value of time. Time is the one thing that money really can’t buy, so when you invest your time in someone or something of importance, it’s definitely meaningful. Today, talk to that person you keep telling, “We have to catch up!” but never do. Make plans. Follow through. Invest in your life.


The women who make time for other women often make a real, lasting impact. They’re memorable. They’re life-changing. One way to recognize these considerate women is by telling their stories—something we’re obviously big proponents of at On The Dot. That’s why we’re also fans of the Worthy Women Scholarship, which offers three scholarship prizes to education-seeking women, including a first prize of $2,500. In order to qualify, scholarship seekers must write a short essay about one of three topics: their academic purpose, a time they turned a failure into a strength or, my favorite, a worthy woman in their life who has offered inspiration. Now that’s a topic that’s worthwhile!

WOMAN TO WATCH: Kieran Flanagan, Co-founder and CCO of The Impossible Institute

At On The Dot, we get to talk about a worthy woman every workday. And today’s Woman to Watch is another stellar example of how women are effecting change for the better. Her name is Kieran Flanagan, and this dynamic problem-solver helps individuals and businesses alike have greater influence and increase their impact. From teaching how the intricacies of human behavior affect business to arming execs with the tools to improve collaboration, Kieran’s Sydney, Australia-based company, The Impossible Institute, delves deep into a company’s cultural issues to generate overall success.

It’s no secret that any company—whether micro or macro—needs to invest in creating an inviting, supportive atmosphere. After all, your brand can only grow if you foster an environment that encourages workers to bloom too. And Kieran’s proven strategies for helping teams develop what she calls “forever skills” are definitely catching the attention of some of the world’s biggest organizations, including Coca-Cola, MTV and even the United Nations.

This Aussie has been a well of creative solutions for decades. Early in her career, Kieran became one of the youngest creative directors to lead an award-winning advertising agency in an industry she describes as very Mad Men-esque. It wasn’t long before her communicative nature and joyful attitude launched her into the world of public speaking—a skill she more than excels at. Through her speaking engagements, this crowd favorite introduces business folks to methods like how creative thinking can drive business and how leaders can soothe conflict while boosting enthusiasm—all while cashing in on that coveted competitive advantage.

One particular topic Kieran focuses on is collaboration. In addition to pushing for increased diversity in the workplace, Kieran encourages leaders to make a point to care about employees’ sense of purpose. She notes we all have habits and prejudices, but by taking a moment to step back, recognize them and do something about it, a business is more likely to succeed.

It’s hard to pick just one piece of advice from Kieran to share, but this nugget of wisdom definitely stands out: Don’t underestimate the power of your uniqueness. Embrace the things that make you, your employees and your business totally different from others. By doing so, you can make the impossible possible, and really get down to business!


We’ll end today with another simple yet impactful piece of advice from Kieran Flanagan:

“Be more you.”

This is Melinda Garvey signing off until next time. Remember, ladies, empowered women empower other women. Share On the Dot so more women can have a voice. Thanks for getting ready with us.

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