Liliya Treyger: She’s Bringing a New Vibe to Fashion

May 16 - On The Dot

When a woman walks into the room wearing exactly what she wants for that day, it says so much about her. Take fashion icon Iris Apfel, for example. In the documentary Iris, the 87-year-old shows off her enthusiasm for fashion and art, urging viewers to experiment every day with what they wear. While her large, round glasses are a constant, she might throw on a red boa, don some blue eye shadow and totally rock a wide-legged trouser. Today, take Iris as an inspiration. Go out on a limb and wholeheartedly express yourself. Besides, confidence never goes out of style!

WOMEN IN NUMBERS: 69.5 Percent

What’s amazing about fashion, and any small business, really, is that nowadays, women have access to the resources to make our dreams reality. But landing startup funding can be incredibly difficult for businesswomen, so some smart ladies are taking advantage of modern-day resources, like crowdfunding, tapping into their fan base to fill the finance gaps. Cutting out the middleman and getting right to the heart of your customers isn’t just about collecting a paycheck; it’s also a proven way to get unapologetic feedback on your business’ product, design or service. In fact, according to one recent study, women entrepreneurs are more likely than their male counterparts to complete a Kickstarter campaign, with a success rate of 69.5 percent. Now that’s a startup business strategy worth its weight in gold!

WOMAN TO WATCH: Liliya Treyger, Founder, CEO and Designer of New Vibe

When it comes to fashion, do you feel like you’re always trying to catch up with the latest trends, spending loads of money on multiple ensembles to ensure you’re never left uncomfortably sporting today’s power suit at a casual happy-hour event? Well, today’s Woman to Watch may just have solved your wardrobe dilemma. Her name is Liliya Treyger, and she’s employing her nearly two decades of experience designing for major clothing companies to offer women a completely unique, contemporary line of wearable hybrids.

With the goal of providing women with dynamic clothing for their dynamic lifestyles, Liliya looked to crowdfunding, launching a Kickstarter campaign to help get her fashion company, New Vibe, off the ground. Fans were so taken by her idea for a line of convertible women’s wear that within 30 days, Liliya had more than 40 backers and had exceeded her $12,000 funding goal.

So, just what the heck is convertible clothing and why do modern-day women want it? Well, imagine you could drastically reduce your wardrobe while still owning the same number of outfits. The New Vibe concept stems from Liliya’s belief that women ought to feel comfortable and sophisticated in their clothing without compromising integrity and personal style. But at the heart of New Vibe is its one-of-a-kind design, which adapts to the modern woman’s lifestyle, empowering her to take on work, play and leisure, all in a single outfit. It’s basically chic clothing that multitasks!

Liliya’s sustainably made New Vibe garments include such stellar pieces as a multifunctional, convertible dress (which can transform into a blouse, halter top and skirt separates) and includes pull-on sleeves, which can convert into a scarf. Wild, right? My favorite hybrid piece is the New Vibe reversible jacket, which can also convert into a tunic by removing the sleeves.

This fashion designer credits her interest in textile and tech innovations, as well as architecture and visual arts, as her inspiration for this innovative type of fashion. And those who’ve worked with Liliya describe her as having a keen eye for design and inspired aesthetics.

Liliya is definitely offering women a modern take on impeccable style with infinite possibilities. We hope Liliya inspires other emerging women’s wear designers to say goodbye to the past and embrace a whole new vibe.


We’re sure Liliya Treyger would agree with late fashion photographer Bill Cunningham, who said:

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.”

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