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June 5 - On The Dot


One time when I was a kid, I stood on a stool in my babysitter’s kitchen while helping her make brownies. This wasn’t my first baking rodeo, OK? I may have only been 7 or 8, but I knew one thing for sure: Those mixer beaters were all mine. As she scraped the bowl, transferring the chocolatey goodness into the pan for baking, I grabbed a beater and stuck my tongue out. Only centimeters away from my mouth, she grabbed it out of my hand and rebuked me. I was fuming! No brownie batter for me? What gives? From then on, I vowed that never again would anyone keep me from devouring such tantalizing—albeit raw—sweet goo, whatever the consequences.


Of course, the reason my babysitter prohibited me from my chocolatey indulgence has some basis, as much as I hate to admit it. If you’re a raw-batter or raw-dough nibbler like I am, here’s a stat that might dismay your sweet tooth. In 2009, 77 people, many of them teen girls and kids, got super sick from an outbreak of E. coli bacteria. The culprit? Raw packaged cookie dough.

WOMAN TO WATCH: Rana Lustyan, Founder and CEO of Edoughble

We all know raw cookie dough is ridiculously delicious. Sure, I won’t turn down a freshly baked cookie, but chances are I would have already filled up on the precooked version. And today’s Woman to Watch knows exactly what I mean. She’s a lady after my own heart—and taste buds. Rana Lustyan knows all too well the allure of raw cookie dough. She’s been in the business of caving in to her sweet tooth since she was just 2 years old, even climbing out of her crib to eat frozen waffles and ice cream in the middle of the night. (Yep, I’ve been there!)

But after that 2009 cookie-dough recall, Rana, a trained pastry chef, realized there was an untapped market for cookie dough that is actually meant to be devoured raw. So, this innovative foodie got to work whipping up her own recipes. As Rana says, she employed her obsession for all things sweet, her fancy culinary degree and her pastry-chef experience at award-winning restaurants (including Chef Wolfgang Puck’s famed Beverly Hills eatery, Spago), and before long, launched Edoughble, which features premium, all-natural, edible cookie dough. It’s the perfect treat for the kid in all of us.

Since we’re adults now and know about the whole scary E. coli thing, it’s time to indulge a little more safely. And Rana’s biz has lots of tempting and safe options to satisfy every sweet tooth. Her “incre-dough-bly” scrumptious recipes include only all-natural ingredients like hormone-free butter and alcohol-free vanilla-bean extract, and every batch of cookie dough has zero eggs, zero raw flour and zero chemical leavener, making it all 100 percent safe to nosh. Rana even offers some vegan and gluten-free cookie doughs.

With mouthwatering flavors like S’More Please, Snicker-Dude, Birthday Bash and, of course, the classic Chocolate Chip Off the Ol’ Block, it’s no wonder more than 250,000 tubs of Edoughble have been gobbled up by cookie-dough lovers from coast to coast. The company has been so successful that big-time fan Whoopi Goldberg gifted some Edoughble cookie dough to Jimmy Fallon during a Tonight Show visit, prompting Rana to create her Makin’ Whoopi Pie Edoughble flavor in honor of the comedian.

This triumphant businesswoman has some advice for burgeoning entrepreneurs: Trust your gut, stay laser focused and keep moving forward. But most important to attaining your goals are hard work, persistence and passion. That’s the real recipe for success!


With Rana Lustyan and Edoughble in mind, today’s quote comes from author Cooper Edens:

“If there is no happy ending, make one out of cookie dough.”

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