Two-minute Take Two: Rhonesha Byng, Fan Favorite 2017

January 4 - On The Dot
Happy holidays, y’all! I am super excited to serve up two weeks of Fan Favorites to keep you inspired throughout this crazy holiday season. We’ve shortened On The Dot to just two minutes, as we know you are extra busy this time of year! Today, you will meet Rhonesha Byng again. And let me tell you, the next two minutes will definitely get your blood pumping! In fact, she shared an exclusive update with us at the end of this episode.

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WOMAN TO WATCH: Rhonesha Byng, Founder and CEO of Her Agenda

When you search “millennial women” on Google, you get a whole lot of negativity—about how they aren’t motivated, how they don’t want kids, how they drink nearly half of the wine purchased in America. I find most of that to be a little bogus (except the last one. Cheers!). While there are tons of online resources about millennial women, there don’t seem to be many publications that speak with or to millennial women.

That’s one reason Rhonesha Byng created an empowering digital-media platform called Her Agenda, which works to bridge the gap between ambition and achievement for millennial women. Her Agenda offers women a variety of helpful resources, like the Power Directory, which features a list of female-empowerment organizations, and the Power Agenda, through which powerful women from a variety of industries share stories about how they became successful and offer tips for young women. The site also highlights events, scholarships, internships, job listings and conferences, so you pack your own agenda with tons of expert career goodies.

Rhonesha is proof that age really is just a number. Not quite 30 years old, she won an Emmy Award while working as a field producer for NBC New York’s breaking-news team. This rising star also received the Student of the Year Award from the Emma Bowen Foundation in 2011, and was a Posse Foundation scholar, which allowed her to attend DePauw University on a full scholarship. Now, through Her Agenda, Rhonesha is galvanizing an entire generation of women to kick some serious butt in their own careers.

Rhonesha is a strong believer in the motto “No one ever slows her agenda.” In fact, when she was 16, she had business cards printed that included that motto. She then handed out those business cards at every press event and professional conference she could visit, with the gutsy—yet true—belief that she’d eventually become a working journalist.

Her Agenda’s aim is to help millennial women feel confident enough to take those same kinds of risks to help build a better future for themselves. Thanks, Rhonesha, for giving millennial women a space to feel heard, a space to connect and the conviction to flourish.


As if being honored by Forbes and BET weren’t enough, this October, Rhonesha was named one of Essence magazine’s 50 Black Women Founders to Watch. It sounds like a perfect fit for her agenda!

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