Suzy Batiz: She’s the Queen of Thrones

May 31 - On The Dot
FIRST THOUGHT: Getting Sh*t Done

Do you ever put something super simple off for no reason? Last night, I dropped the TV remote in the 1-inch space between the couch and end table for the millionth time. I thought, “I just need to move the end table closer to the couch.” But guess what? I still haven’t closed the gap! Today, let’s accomplish that stupid little thing that’s been on our to-do lists for months. Mail that return package, replace the water filter, get your car’s oil changed. Even if your efforts aren’t flawless, at least you can cross that chore off your list. It’s like Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg says, “Done is better than perfect!”


Speaking of not being perfect, today’s statistic goes out to all you struggling entrepreneurs. When starting a business, you’ve got to be on top of everything, including conducting a ton of research and understanding what your customers need. But it’s not always that simple. According to Forbes, nine out of 10 entrepreneurial startups fail. The top reason is they offer a product or service that people don’t want. (I’m looking at you, Air Curler!)

WOMAN TO WATCH: Suzy Batiz, Founder and CEO of Poo-Pourri

If that number has got you second-guessing your life’s passion, don’t despair. Failing is a great lesson. Today’s Woman to Watch is an example that when the crap hits the fan, you can dust yourself off and start again. Otherwise, you’re in deep, well, you know.

Suzy Batiz knows all there is to know about the least dignified of bodily functions, but instead of pretending it doesn’t exist, this entrepreneurial thinker resigned to get off her hiney and do something about it.

Suzy is the wiz behind Poo-Pourri, the first natural, totally effective solution to smelly bathroom problems. As Suzy notes, this is a universal problem. After all, everybody poops, and it stinks! But thanks to her ingenious product, your bathroom experience can be transformed because Poo-Pourri actually stops bathroom odor before it begins.

Here’s how it works: Spritz Poo-Pourri’s blend of natural essential oils into the toilet bowl before you go, and it creates a barrier that traps odor under the surface. The only smell that remains is a bouquet of sweet-smelling botanicals, like rosemary, tea tree and lavender, or wild flowers and citrus.

Suzy’s fresh idea not withstanding, this entrepreneur experienced her fair share of flops before becoming successful. In fact, Suzy’s journey to becoming the queen of a $300 million company was rough. She escaped an abusive marriage, unsuccessfully launched company after company, endured two bankruptcies and had her home and cars repossessed. It was enough for any entrepreneur to flush their ideas down the toilet and totally give up.

Years later, Suzy’s epiphany came, thanks to her current husband, who was the—ahem—inspiration behind Poo-Pourri. Before long, she had come up with her savvy concoction of essential oils, and was on her way to success.

What I love about Suzy’s company is its unapologetic, potty-humor marketing. From its silly “How to poop at a party” commercial to an ad featuring Santa Claus, Poo-Pourri’s messaging is simultaneously tawdry and charming. In a recent hilarious Poo-Pourri ad, a woman sits squirming at a dinner party with her hot date and his family. She has to use the bathroom and—uh oh—it’s literally right behind the table. She has three options: spray synthetic aerosol, go in the bushes (Awkward!) or use Poo-Pourri. Obviously, she opts for the Poo-Pourri and ends up becoming the life of the potty!

Prior to founding her winning company, Suzy spent years self-reflecting, and realized in order to be successful, she had to follow her own path, regardless of what others thought. As Suzy says, it’s amazing what a little fresh thinking can do!


With Suzy Batiz’s success story in mind, I’ll send you off with this quote from inventor and entrepreneur Lori Greiner. She said:

“A true entrepreneur does whatever it takes. That’s the bottom line.”

This is Melinda Garvey signing off until next time. Remember, ladies, empowered women empower other women. Share On the Dot so more women can have a voice. Thanks for getting ready with us.

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