Breedlove's Briefing: 10 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Never Tolerate

September 24 - Stephanie Breedlove

Hi! I’m Stephanie Breedlove, Co-Founder of HomePay, Author and Angel Investor.

I absolutely adore taking an idea and giving it life in the form a business, then leading it to its full potential. Nothing is more fun. (Seriously!) I’d love for every woman who wants to start her own business to say the same thing, so here I am, mentoring millennial entrepreneurs. When I’m not working, I like to recharge and head outdoors to hike, bike, or stand up paddle board!

Is that list of business news and trending articles you’ve tagged still unread? I get it. Allow me to help. Take a couple minutes to read my summary of articles serving the most pertinent, actionable business topics. Or, take 10 minutes to read the full article, and put another brick on the foundation of your growing career.

This Week’s Must-Read: 10 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Never Tolerate

Who it’s for:

Anyone who aspires to change their habits and succeed.

Why it’s important:

Did you ever stop to think about the things successful people don’t do? If you study those who excel in business, you’ll find many of these people do the same things. Do’s build traits that put you on a path to success by creating positive habits.

Here’s the 411: The Pew Research Center confirms men and women tend to agree on the importance of the top tier of success traits. Spread the word! Contrary to popular belief, gender gaps actually only emerge on less important traits. These differences should not be seen as negatives, just different. For example, women place a higher priority on compassion, innovation, and honesty as instrumental to success. (These were definitely top ingredients in my recipe for success.) Trust in your quintessentially female traits, and your team will confidently follow your lead to new heights.

So what about those don’ts? Successful people are known for being hardworking risk-takers who venture outside their comfort zone and push both themselves and those around them to new heights. But what happens if they allow themselves to become mired in anger and negativity, stymied by inaction or wrapped up in toxic relationships? They flounder. Turn your idea of strategies for success upside down and think about what you should not be doing. It’s empowering and a real advantage.

Here’s a top ten list of what you should not tolerate that’ll get you started:

  1. Inaction
    2. Being average
    3. Habitual negativity
    4. Giving up (at least without a fight)
    5. Dishonesty
    6. Toxic relationships
    7. Wastefulness
    8. Bloated sense of self-pride
    9. Ambivalence and indecision
    10. Acting out of anger

Top Take-Away/Final Thought: Building your list of don’ts is the first step to action on this valuable strategy for success. Thinking in these terms also creates strategies to live by. When you have strategies that you actually live by, you amplify the level of your WINS.

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