New Name, New Look, New Guests: On The Spot Podcast is now See It To Be It!

November 14 - Andrea Townson

If you’re a listener of our podcast, On The Spot with Melinda Garvey, you’ve probably noticed a few changes. First, the name: On The Spot is now See It To Be It! Also, our look is a bit more refined, polished and professional. A girl has a grow into her career and so did our podcast.

As the brand evolved and the podcast grown in popularity with our community, it was time for a total makeover. As of November 14th, we are proud to introduce you to See It To Be It: the newly revamped interview podcast featuring inspirational female leaders.

So why did we change the name? Our host and founder, Melinda Garvey, has a catchphrase you may have heard her mention in previous episodes!

“You have to see it to be it!”

Without SEEING examples of real role models, it's incredibly hard to feel motived to achieve goals. For women, specifically it’s so important, because we’re still fighting hundreds of years of established misogyny that teaches girls they can’t do things a man can. That’s our mission: to bring you incredible and inspirational women every week that have accomplished something great, and encourage you to do the same!

We’re not focusing on any certain area of success, either. If you look back at our previous episodes, you’ll find that Melinda has interviewed women in business, finance, music, film, STEM, and many more. Our goal with the rebrand is to continue diversifying our interviews to empower our listeners to follow their dreams and go for their goals. At On The Dot Woman, we strongly believe in women lifting each other up, because there’s room for all of us to be badass.

Check out our debut episode of See It To Be It! We Need Women in STEM: Featuring Randi Zuckerberg, available now on all your favorite streaming platforms. Stay on the lookout for our new home on the On The Dot Woman website!

If you want to nominate someone to be a guest on the podcast, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected], with “Guest Recommendation” in the subject line.

Tune in each week and be sure to hit that subscribe button to get the podcast in your listening queue.

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