6 Benefits of an At-Home STI Kit: (Brought to you by myLAB Box)

October 12 - Lora Ivanova

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), roughly one-third of Americans are currently living with a STI. To combat this, the CDC recommends that sexually active adults get screened once every 3-6 months. At the very least, you should get tested for STDs once per year. It pays to be safe!

Here are six benefits of testing at home, especially for the busy working woman:

Convenience and Privacy With a Home STI Kit

If you’ve ever been too nervous to go into a doctor or clinic to get screened for sexually transmitted infections, myLAB Box is here to help. Our simple testing process will let you test any time, any place. This feature of myLAB Box is also an excellent option for people who have disabilities or don’t have the means to physically get to a doctor’s office. We offer a home STI kit for every need, designed to fit every lifestyle.

Each kit is shipped directly to your door with discreet packaging, providing easy five-minute tests, lab-certified results, and free physician treatment consultations for those with positive results.

Get the Same Lab-Certified Results

All of the results we provide are lab-certified. This means that the results you receive online from our at-home tests offer the exact same accuracy that you’d get from a doctor or clinic. When it comes to the test packages themselves, myLAB Box only works with top-tier manufacturers that are based in the United States. Our partners have each been carefully selected to ensure that you are getting the highest quality test packages and the most accurate results possible.

A Streamlined Process: Total Care from Testing to Treatment

Preventing infection and early STD detection can save lives. With this in mind, myLAB Box is a fully integrated service. It was designed to empower our customers to take control of their own sexual health. The entire process, from your first click in our online store right on through to receiving your secure results and your treatment, is designed to be as simple and painless as possible.

Tests are shipped directly to your door in discreet packaging

-Our easy five-minute tests can be completed whenever and wherever
-Get peace of mind with lab-certified results
-Gain access to professional STD counselors who are available to answer your questions

We offer free telephone consultations with certified STD counselors and physicians to anyone who tests positive using the service. If you live in a state that allows telemedicine – and most do – you can even be prescribed your treatment right over the phone.

If you choose to forgo this option, you can also take myLAB Box test results to your personal physician or clinic for treatment. This is all designed to improve your access to treatment options and get you back to 100 percent far quicker than with conventional testing methods alone.

Additionally, if you have any questions at any point during the testing process, we’ll be there to help you make more informed and proactive decisions. This will armed you to make the best choices for the health and wellbeing of both yourself and your partners.

Quick, Accurate Results

At-home testing makes regular screening as easy and convenient as possible. Obviously, all of our customers want to get their results as quickly as possible, so here’s the basic process:

1-3 days after you click “order,” your test will arrive at your door. It only takes 5 minutes to complete the test. Take as much time as you need to send it back! Pop it back in the mail. You’ll get your results within 2-8 days. If you complete it right away, the total time for the entire process, from when you order to when you receive your results, will be 3-11 days.

Make it Easier to Have “The Talk” By Testing Together

Can you test with your partner? Absolutely! No matter how long you’ve been together, it’s always a smart idea to get tested for sexually transmitted infections. Being in a monogamous relationship can make you safer, but you still need to test regularly to be absolutely sure you’re safe. Some infections, including HIV, may not show symptoms for many years. You’ll never be totally sure what each of you brought into the relationship until you’re tested.

Testing with your partner can help you to achieve peace of mind together, in the comfort of your home. The convenience of myLAB Box’s testing packages makes it easier than ever to test side-by-side with your partner. This can even bring you closer together and increase the trust in your relationship.

To help keep everyone’s test results discreet and private, each person will need to register their own myLAB Box account. But that doesn’t mean you can’t test together. If you want to get a kit for your partner, you can always send them a gift card.

If you have any questions, myLAB Box’s webpage has a wealth of resources, including common STI symptoms, this handy blog and a full page of Frequently Asked Questions. The best sex is safe sex. At myLAB Box, we believe that Safe is Sexy!

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