Six Ways to Make Your Energy Better at Work

July 11 - Sheena Sharma

When a new client reaches out to me and states that they are experiencing an issue I can almost always nail it down to one or two details within their environment. Last year while on the phone with my business coach, she explained to me that she was experiencing major tax issues. I asked her if her desk was up against the wall in her office with a door directly behind her. She blurted out in her Arkansas accent, “Yes it is!”

I had her turn the desk around so she was facing the door. That was about six months ago. Today while on the phone with her, she told me that she needed to get me a testimonial. As she put it, “I don’t know what the heck I did, or why the heck it worked, but I trust in everything you do, Miss Amanda, and all my tax problems just went away almost overnight.”

Energy is in everything and everything is energy. Your thoughts, your actions, your words, even the desk you sit at, all has an energy to it. When it comes to your office, it, too, has an energy. If you tend to get exasperated, angry, frustrated and disappointed often, it’s likely the energy behind your actions, thoughts and words are affecting you, not the actual event.

In order to shift said energy to a positive outcome, you must first recognize that the energy you feel and express is broadcasting in your environment and reflecting back on you, once you understand that you can change it to perform better at work and get the results you want.

Here are six tips to get you started:

1) Get a Good Door

Make sure that the door to your office is working properly. If you work in a cubicle, place a red string somewhere at the entrance that signifies a door. In feng shui, doors represent your voice. Be sure that it’s strong so that your voice is heard, and you're encouraged to speak up.

2) Sit Comfortably

Use a high back chair that’s working properly. This provides support in all your endeavors. If your chair is broken or wobbly, it’s like having a constant back issue. Contracts may fall apart, you may fall ill, or things just don’t come together. It literally becomes a pain….

3) Move Freely

Make sure your desk chair can easily turn 360 degrees. If you hit a filing cabinet or a wall, it will be difficult to turn things around in any situation. Free it up and things will run smoother and have a ease and flow to them.

4) Money's Important

If money is important to you, place your computer to the left corner of your desk. If contracts and negotiations are important, place money to the right corner. If notoriety is important, place it in the center.

5) Increase Visibility

Make sure you can see the door or opening to your office. This allows you to see and grasp all opportunities and avoid the unseen surprises.

6) Size Matters

Be sure to have a good size desk. This encourages new ideas, creativity and compatibility with your team.

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