4 Exponential Strategies to Grow a Million Dollar Business

November 16 - Julie Gordon White

Many people set out to start business, but few financially grow their businesses to what they want them to be. To reach a certain dollar amount, it's best to strategize in the beginning and then modify along the way.

Here are four exponential strategies to grow a million dollar business:

1. Build a REAL business!

Mastering a single strategy like blogging or webinars may get you results in the short run, but take the time to develop a business model that is repeatable, teachable and scalable - and even someday sellable. Don't build a house of cards that can easily topple if things go wrong. Build a business with scalable systems and strategies that can grow with or without you, all the way to a million or more.

2. Charge on outcome, not hours.

Trading dollars for hours is not scalable and is limited to person bandwidth. Instead, price at a premium level based on the outcome you deliver. When done correctly, the client will show up powerfully and get exceptional results that they will love to share, generating a ripple of referrals as an added bonus.

3. Visualize your business 10 times bigger.

Who's in charge? What infrastructure will you need at that level? How will you create a consistent lead generation process so you won't suffer from unpredictable revenue and income? This should both excite and scare you! When you think ten times bigger, you will be more creative and systematic, which are key elements in building a million dollar business. Besides, bigger is always more fun!

4. Don't go it alone.

All exceptionally successful athletes, performers, and entrepreneurs make incremental shifts to reach the top and they learn those shortcuts from experts that have gone before them. Save time, money, and dream-killing frustration with a coach, adviser, or accountability team. This is a success hack that you can't afford to skip if you are serious about growing and creating a million dollar business and lifestyle that goes with it.

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