The Path to Entrepreneurship: Tips to Launching A Business While Keeping Your Day Job

June 14 - Sarah Burrows

You don’t need to quit your day job to launch a successful business. Check out these four need-to-know tips to ensure entrepreneurial success, from the co-founder of Modern Sprout, Sarah Burrows.

Find a partner.

You’ll need a cheerleader, and you’ll need to force yourself to be a cheerleader, and that will be good for your morale. You’ll need someone to bounce thoughts off of, someone to relate to when you’re in the trenches and someone to celebrate the small successes with. It’s a lot of work, especially when you are constantly having to push yourself through long nights and weekends. If not a partner in your business, then tap someone else who is also trying to start a business, someone who you can meet at a coffee shop on a sunny Saturday to grind it out with while your friends are frolicking outside. And join a networking group centered around business owners. You will indefinitely find resources there that will help you jump from point A to B quickly and efficiently.

Accept that there will never be enough time.

Don’t get discouraged because you don’t have enough time. You never will and it’s OK. Walk, don’t run. Break down every step into bite-sized, achievable pieces. And pat yourself on the back often. Remember that you don’t need to have all the answers before you launch. So much of starting a business really is smoke and mirrors.

Identify tools that mitigate stress.

Identify tools and develop habits to help you manage stress now before you start your endeavor. Staying organized will help prevent you from feeling overwhelmend. There are amazing free tools available. I swear by Trello, an online project-management software. It’s life-changing. Then carve time out for you and don’t sacrifice it, or at least all of it. Work toward balance always. That’s essential for sustainability.

Then take the plunge.

Once you feel that momentum that you’ve got something that people want and can financially swing it, take the plunge. You’ll be completely burnt out by this point, by the way. And you’ll be scared. I had to quit my job twice before I actually left! I had an amazing job. I loved my boss, my team, my income. However, even with that success, I wasn’t totally happy. I thought I needed freedom but was petrified that once I had it, it still wouldn’t be enough. That “the grass is always greener” was just my m.o. Fortunately, freedom was exactly what I needed to feel truly happy. For the first time in my life, there is nothing I would change, and that is the ultimate freedom.

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