5 Leadership Lessons I Learned From Building My Business

June 11 - Junea Rocha
  1. Execution is key: One of the biggest lessons for me as a Founder was the realization that when great ideas die, their cause of death is often a failure to execute. There are very few truly unique ideas but the focus and determination needed to consistently execute and deliver is what separates successful companies from failures. We were not the first ones to believe Americans would love Brazilian Cheese Bread but we stayed laser-focused on turning our idea into a reality and that put us at the front of the pack.

    2. Embrace change: Since we started Brazi Bites almost a decade ago, we've watched countless companies fail because the founders stubbornly cling to an idea that wasn't resonating with consumers. Successful companies are led by people that pivot early and often.

    3. Be Fierce: There is an intangible "killer instinct" that I've seen in the best leaders, especially for companies that target ambitious growth. It's not a focus on eliminating competitors, but a desire to tackle any and all challenges head-on. And fast. Avoiders don't get far in founder / leadership roles.

    4. Never stop learning: The more you know, the more you know you don't know much. This is closely related to embracing change: an understanding that your knowledge will never be complete. Put an emphasis on listening when it comes to discussions with peers, employees and customers. If I can't reflect on a day with a feeling that I got a little bit smarter, it wasn't a good one.

    5. Be Authentic: People respond best to leaders that are true to themselves in all situations. I've learned that being open about my opinions, beliefs and feelings at all times is a powerful way to connect with people. It's rarer than you think and I guarantee you will be recognized and respected for it.
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