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April 3 - On The Dot
FIRST THOUGHT: Feel Like a Natural Woman

Is it just me, or do hygiene commercials aimed at women make you cringe? Whether it’s a product for Aunt Flo or deodorant that keeps us smelling oddly like a combination of daisies and milk, these ads always feature overly enthusiastic women exercising, laughing for no explainable reason or raising a toast with a group of girlfriends. What these commercials don’t show, of course, are all the confidential—and sometimes absurd—ways in which women MacGyver ourselves so fresh and so clean each day, often to our own detriment. Today, don’t apologize for your hairy legs or greasy hair. Embrace your natural, primal side. You may just find it incredibly liberating!


Sometimes, it feels like everyone is concerned with keeping women looking and smelling our best. Unfortunately, many of us fall prey to such an inescapable trap, desperate to purchase any number of products to help us create our best smelling, most attractive selves. In fact, we spend an astounding $18 billion every year on deodorants and antiperspirants. Walk into any drugstore these days and you’ll find a wealth of choices for keeping us stink-free, all divided, of course, by gender. But Discovery Health reported this is most likely just a marketing ploy, noting that at least one major deodorant brand includes the same active ingredient in the same amounts in both its men’s and women’s offerings.

WOMAN TO WATCH: Amy Cazin, Founder and CEO of Primal Products

Here’s a pop quiz for you: Name all the ingredients in your deodorant. If you named more than one, you’re a trivia wiz and you should probably get yourself down to your local bar-trivia contest stat! For the rest of you, here’s the breakdown: Common deodorants contain parabens, silica and aluminum, as well as other ingredients that irritate skin and have been shown to seriously affect the user’s health. But when the natural alternative leaves you smelling like last night’s quesadilla, it’s the pits! What’s a girl to do?

Stay-at-home mom Amy Cazin found herself in the same predicament when trying to a find safe, natural deodorant product for her children. But unable to find a natural alternative that actually worked, this dedicated mom resolved to do some serious research and come up with her own healthy, organic deodorant. Initially investing just $100, Amy was able to launch a pioneering brand called Primal Pit Paste.

The deodorant is handcrafted from natural and organic ingredients, so much so that you could eat it, but, as the Primal Pit Paste website says, “We suggest rubbing it on your smelly pits, not on your morning toast!” You won’t find synthetic fragrances, GMOs or toxic chemicals. Instead, Amy uses organic oils and butters, as well as food-grade active ingredients like aluminum-free baking soda, beeswax and aloe vera.

Customers can choose from a deodorant paste, which is applied using the fingers, or a more traditional deodorant stick. Both come in a variety of essential-oil scents, like lavender, jasmine and coconut lime, as well as unscented. But this innovative entrepreneur didn’t stop there. Since Amy launched her deodorant line, she’s expanded to also offer natural tooth powder, body powder, lip balm and body-lotion sticks.

Amy is determined to grow her business smartly. For instance, she turned down Wal-Mart’s offer to stock Primal Pit Paste just six months into her endeavor, saying while the proposition was tempting, she knew she wasn’t prepared to scale the company to meet that kind of demand so soon. It was the right decision for Primal Pit Paste, which saw $800,000 in sales within its first year and a half, and has doubled in sales every year since.

While some men told Amy she didn’t have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, she persevered, surrounded herself with supportive women and simply went with her gut. I guess you could say it all just happened, well, organically.


Let’s finish today with an inspiring quote from author Astrid Alauda, who said:

“Your body is a temple, but only if you treat it as one.”

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