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November 6 - On The Dot
FIRST THOUGHT: Family Matters

One of my favorite reality shows is Southern Charm, based in Charleston, South Carolina. One of the featured women, Cameran, is known for telling it like it is. During her first pregnancy, she made a hilarious post on Instagram, PSA-style, addressing her many followers who kept prodding her about her stance on breastfeeding. She started by saying it’s no one’s dang business whether she planned to breastfeed, and concluded with a little tongue-in-cheek statement that if none of the traditional methods worked, she’d happily feed the baby the fast food the little booger had been craving for nine months. Why is it women are often each other’s worst critics? Come on, ladies, don’t we have the patriarchy for that?


One aspect of what’s been dubbed “the mommy wars,” involves the idea of the working mom versus the stay-at-home mom. I think we can all agree that every mama works hard every day. Some mothers are working their butts off to become successful entrepreneurs as well, or “mompreneurs,” and they’re doing it all with Baby in tow. According to survey results published in Entrepreneur magazine, nearly three-fourths of surveyed female business owners said they juggle entrepreneurship while also being the primary child-care providers for their kiddos. Whichever side of the mommy wars you fall on, you’ve got to admit that’s pretty impressive.

WOMAN TO WATCH: Jakki Liberman, Founder of Bumkins

Here’s another loaded mommy-wars subject: diapers. Whether you call them nappies or are a die-hard devotee of a specific brand, if you’re a mom, you know how invaluable diapers are. They’ve been around for centuries, but now that milkweed-leaf wraps and wool are yesterday’s news, there are two types to choose from: cloth and disposable. Or so you thought!

Enter today’s Woman to Watch, Jakki Liberman, the founder of an innovative baby-product company called Bumkins, which got its start after this modern mama shunned the available diapers on the market in favor of creating her own soft, super-absorbent alternative to the traditional cloth diaper.

It all began when her third child’s sensitive skin did not bode well when exposed to disposable diapers. The year was 1989, and cloth diapers were only available to Jakki via delivery service, which included the diapers, pins and a plastic cover that had to be attached each time. Soon, Jakki realized it would be more efficient if the diaper were sewn into the cover. It was a light-bulb moment that led Jakki to create her upgraded cloth diaper and launch Bumkins. Within a year of coming up with her design, Bumkins won Best Product of the Year at a children-focused trade show, and Jakki never looked back!

Bumkins combines sustainability and convenience when it comes to diapers, replacing traditional—and somewhat hazardous—safety pins with easy-to-use snap closures so there’s no bum slip, and incorporating a soft inner layer with a colorful, waterproof cover.

Customers fell in love with Bumkins diapers, leading Jakki to expand Bumkins’ offerings to a full line of inventive baby products. From art smocks, splat mats and bibs—including some with sleeves—to reusable snack bags and apparel, Bumkins is bumpin’ with all the merchandise Baby needs.

Part of Jakki’s success comes from her business savvy and tireless efforts to improve Bumkins. In addition to always adding new products, through partnerships with Dr. Seuss, Nintendo, Disney and DC Comics brands, Bumkins is able to offer parents products featuring their kids’ favorite characters.

As this mompreneur has proven, when a dedicated, smart lady puts her mind to it, there’s no problem too big to solve. You can bet your bum!


Today’s quote is for all you devoted life-juggling mamas out there. As Barbara Walters said:

“Most of us have trouble juggling. The woman who says she doesn’t is someone whom I admire but have never met.”

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