Liza Darwin and Casey Lewis: She’s a Girl’s Best Friend

September 13 - On The Dot
FIRST THOUGHT: Breaking News

Think back to when you were a young girl, beyond the Bomb Pops and jelly sandals. Where did you learn real-world stuff? I’m not talking about memorizing the 50 states or mastering long division. For me, this question is tough. Sure, the newspaper was always sitting on the table and the TV news played in the background. But Tom Brokaw just didn’t speak my language. Sometimes, it can be difficult to reach kids, especially when it comes to current events and important newsworthy info. If you have youngsters in your life, take the time to sit down and explain to them what’s going on in the world. Just because they aren’t asking questions doesn’t mean they aren’t interested.

WOMEN IN NUMBERS: Almost 84 Percent

So, not convinced people under the age of 20 care about current events? Some statistics prove otherwise. According to one survey of high-school students in the U.S., nearly 84 percent of teenagers say they regularly pay attention to the news. Even more say they hear or see their parents watching or reading the news. But kids and teenagers often find themselves dismayed with what they see, in part, because they can’t connect since they rarely see people their age in the news, and when they do, it’s often in a story about crime, violence or some other negative connotation.

WOMEN TO WATCH: Liza Darwin and Casey Lewis, Co-founders of Clover Letter

One publication that totally speaks to young girls—without all the negativity and condescension—is Clover Letter, founded by journalism pros Liza Darwin and Casey Lewis in late 2015, with their own savings. The New York Times calls it a mix between theSkimm and Lenny Letter, and we’re totally hooked.

Here’s how it works: Girls receive the free daily newsletter straight to their email inboxes or directly to their mobile devices through the Clover Letter app, then delve into real news in a “fun, entirely non-boring way” that connects with teen girls. And the message of Clover Letter is clear: no freakin’ clickbait and no fake news! Since young girls are still developing their critical skills—abilities that help all of us determine what is and isn’t true—this is a much-needed approach in the world of news.

Liza and Casey first met as interns in college, and later, both worked as magazine editors. They’ve likely had a hand in curating content you’ve seen in magazines like Nylon and Teen Vogue. Liza studied English and political science in college, while Casey studied journalism, making them a synergistic duo. Both are natural writers, having been published in notable publications and online platforms like Refinery29, and Vice.

Liza and Casey understand that at the heart of Clover Letter, their content needs to embody the teenage-girl experience. And that means offering a wide scope of what this demographic is interested in. It’s not just for popular girls or nerdy girls or whatever other stereotype you want to throw out. It’s for any girl who wants to connect with her peers and understand the world around her, from politics to issues of mental health and confidence to breakups, the environment and that all-important tidbit every girl wants from her go-to publication: advice. Previous Clover Letters have included stories on traveling solo, working in the music biz as a woman and voting for the first time.

Casey says the best piece of advice she’s ever received—and one she shares with teen girls—is to only say yes when you want to. Amen to that, sister! We’re definitely saying yes to Clover Letter!


Today’s quote comes from one of our favorite young feminists, Emma Watson, who said:

“Girls should never be afraid to be smart.”

This is Melinda Garvey signing off until next time. Remember, ladies, empowered women empower other women. Share On the Dot so more women can have a voice. Thanks for getting ready with us.

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