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Bullying Against Girls Stops Here
March 5 - Sarah Ashlock

FIRST THOUGHT: Overthinking

Some days, you can go ‘round and ‘round, with the same thing playing on an endless loop in your head. We have as many as 60,000 thoughts a day, and the majority of them are either negative or repetitive. It’s those off-handed comments your partner in class says (yes, this is my real nose…) or that annoying thing your HOA prez does (stop spamming me, Pam).

Real talk: I’ve been irritated about the same thing that’s seemingly out of my control for so long, and suddenly, I figured out a way I can actually take action. Ask yourself if there’s something (legal) you can do about whatever is repeating itself in your mind.


As a teenager, I remembered every single criticism or hateful remark said to me. Nearly 23 percent of female students report being bullied at school. I’ve been there and I’m sure you have, too. It took a lot of courage and red tape for me to take action, but I’m relieved I did. Did you take any action?

WOMAN TO WATCH: Lolis Garcia-Baab, Director of Movement Communications at Girl Scouts of USA

Not all of us are fortunate enough to have a Shirley to our Laverne or an Ilana to our Abbi. That’s where organizations and the women who are part of them come in, like today’s Woman to Watch, Lolis Garcia-Baab. Lolis is Director of Movement Communications at Girl Scouts of USA.

We’ve talked about the Girl Scouts before, and y’all, there’s a reason why: In the most recent midterm elections, the majority of women elected to Congress were once Girl Scouts. If you’re in need of a woman to inspire you to take action, look no further than a Girl Scout. Lolis sat down with our founder and shared what she believes is women’s greatest superpower: seeing the big picture. She explains that women often have the ability to see how one situation or act can affect not only themselves but their families, communities, company and so on.

When her daughter was being bullied at school, Lolis helped start a conference called Girls Now! to explore topics like body image issues and intimidation. Her drive to create a space for girls to come together is what led her to the valued position at the Girl Scouts. As Lolis says, she has never taken a straight path, but she has always had fierce beliefs in what’s right and what’s wrong.

One way girls and women are more inclined to report abuse that ranges from social media vitriol to hallway teasing to board room harassment is encouraging one another to do so. It’s so difficult for us women to feel like our concerns—those things that hurt us—are valid. You need a girlfriend to back you up and confirm what’s happened to you. Everyone needs a girl who has her back.

Lolis has been a radio talk show host, a philanthropist, a journalist and even a video producer. She’s lived in both the states and Mexico, giving her strong ties to the Latinx experience in Texas. Lolis says that once she gets going, she doesn’t stop. She admits she’s a control freak, so she makes a daily effort to go with the flow, accepting whatever adventurous turn her career might take.

Now as Director of Movement Communications at Girl Scouts in New York, Lolis plans, directs and manages marketing and communications, which means she’s often the one who states an opinion on behalf of herself and the organization. Take, for instance, when the Boy Scouts changed their policies to allow girls’ membership. Lolis remarked that when the Girl Scouts was founded before women even had the right to vote, it was recognized that girls and women need a respite, a place to call their own.

One of the resources Lolis’s organizations offers is a guide for guardians of middle school girls, which we all know is one of the worst times to be a girl. The guide concludes with ways advocates and parents can help girls take action, like hosting a sharing circle or making bracelets that symbolize that we look out for each other. Let’s follow the Girl Scouts motto and be “ready to help out wherever she is needed.”

Life can get dicey, but life hacks always make things a little easier. Check out Lolis Garcia-Baab’s top ten life hacks by clicking here or heading over to!


Lolis Garcia-Baab said:

“Learning to trust myself and my process was key, and accepting that I can ask for help along the way was life altering. … You have to open your eyes to what is possible and open your mind to what you are not considering. Life is so beautiful and there are so many ways to enjoy it!”

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