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February 4 - Sarah Ashlock

FIRST THOUGHT: The New Supers: Visibility is Major Key

The other day, I started watching the HBO show Room 104. After two episodes, it’s officially too creepy for me. But the concept could not be more fascinating. Each episode features different characters in different situations, all in the same hotel room. Supernatural and scary storylines aside, it got me thinking about the hotel rooms I’ve stayed in. What may have been occupied by a family of four jumping on beds and downing soda one day, may be occupied by a single woman going to a conference the next day. We’re all doing this life thing differently but, in so many ways, we’re in the same room, the same planet. Today, look at the first person you see and ask yourself what you have in common with him or her.


Have you ever seen a girl who looks or dresses like you and you think, oh, I bet we’d be great friends! Then you talk to her and you realize you were way off? How we look on the outside doesn’t always match up with how we are on the inside. At least, I hope that’s what people remember when they see my coffee-stained blouse. Some similarities do have an impact, though, like how at venture firms with one female partner invest in women-led companies three times more.

WOMAN TO WATCH: Nicolette Mason, Beauty and Fashion Editor; former CEO of Premme

Nicolette Mason is today’s Woman to Watch and a certified fashionista. She’s been blogging for more than a decade, amassing a loyal following of glam-obsessed readers. She spent several years as a fashion editor for Marie Claire and has written for publications and media companies like Refinery29 and Glamour.

She’s a serious voice in the plus-size world, so much so that Vogue Italia asked her to write a “curvy” column. Recently, Nicolette explained that growing up, fashion wasn’t accessible for curvy girls her age. It existed in “matronly” shops, and later, on the runway as provocative. Now, Nicolette is excited about the body-positivity movement, as hundreds of curvy models did their best Fashion Week catwalk and more and more bodies are being represented.

A couple years ago, Nicolette made her love for fashion inclusivity by launching a clothing line with her friend and business partner. Premme [Pronounced: PR-EM] offered affordable clothing for sizes 12–30 for the girl who’s all about bold prints, crop tops and a seriously stylish point of view.

Before hitting influencer-level success, Nicolette started by studying design and management at fashion school. She recalls that it felt a bit lonely, as an openly gay woman of Middle Eastern descent. It was only when she really put herself out there, her true 100% this-is-Nicolette self, by doing a different internship every semester, that Nicolette began to feel a sense of belonging.

Nicolette shared 33 things she’s learned in 33 years and they are spot on. Some gems include traveling in a sports bra instead of an underwire; boundaries are everything; your relationship status doesn’t define you; invest in a good mattress; and put the dang phone down sometimes.


“The key to success is to start before you are ready.”

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