Carolyn Rodz: Shrug Off the Haters and Keep at It

April 14 - On The Dot
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FIRST THOUGHT: The Importance of Thinking Bigger

Why is it that we always remember the criticisms and rarely the compliments? Since the first time I worked 9 to 5, I’ve kept a folder in my inbox called, “Praise.” Any time I got an inkling of positivity from a colleague or boss, I’d plunk it down in the folder. At first, the folder was a pitiful sight, but over the years, it’s grown into quite the support system. Whenever a bad day emerges, I re-read a few of these nuggets of acclaim. It helps me shrug it off and think about the bigger picture.


Female entrepreneurs have it harder than males. That’s a stone-cold fact. One of the biggest challenges to launching a business venture is finding the money to do so. A whopping 68 percent of investors favored financing a new company if a man pitched the concept, according to a 2014 study published by the National Academy of Sciences. Last time I checked, ideas weren’t gender-specific. Money talks, and unfortunately, a lot of that cash is grasped tightly by men who only see other guys’ light-bulb moments. Let’s change that.

WOMAN TO WATCH: Carolyn Rodz, Founder of The Circular Board

The cool thing about women is that we’re pretty good at getting what we want, no matter the odds. So when we want to create a business or a brand, we do it with the help of our friends. Carolyn Rodz created a way for women entrepreneurs to connect and grow their ideas. She started out as an investment banker before founding The Circular Board a few years ago. Her company offers a three-month-long intensive program called Accelerator to only 10 entrepreneurs at a time. While participants gain mentorship from leaders, a really neat thing is that it’s circular. (Get it?) So these women advise each other on their business ideas. After completing the program, you aren’t left hung out to dry. Instead, you get the perks of staying connected through the organization’s alumni circles. The Circular Board also connects Accelerators with funding networks, which will get you out of that pesky 68 percent nonsense. Part of the beauty of the program is that it teaches women to be assertive and assured in presenting themselves and their ideas in front of investors. It’s hard to ask a stranger for money, but Rodz’s program can show you how. You got this, ladies.


Sometimes the hardest thing about acting on an idea is believing in yourself. Think about where people would be if they didn’t, like Martin Luther King Jr. He said,

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

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