Terrified of an Event? Four Ways To Make Sure It’s a Wild Success!

May 24 - Alex Longoria
Whether you're a seasoned events manager and this ain't your first rodeo or this is your first full out gig and you feel like you have no idea what you are doing, here are four tips to making sure it's a wild success.

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Overprepare: Pretend your event is a week early.

What are all of the things you can get done far ahead of time so when the pressure is on the week of the event, you’re able to handle the pressure and pivot to handle crises and emergencies as they come?

Prepare for the worst.

Make sure your team is prepared for every possible disaster, and come up with solutions ahead of time.

Sweat the small stuff, then don’t.

Leading up to the event, ensuring all the little details are sorted is paramount. At any event, whether it’s a company event with hundreds of people or a private in-home party with friends, thinking through the small details like table arrangements, color palette and food choices can elevate the experience. If the small details are off the day of the event, don’t stress, as no one else has likely noticed. When sweating the small stuff, put yourself in your attendees’ shoes. Try to visualize what they would want to see and do.

Have fun! It’s a party!

Just remember, if you’re having fun, your guests will too!

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