6 Ways to Jumpstart Your Video Marketing Strategy

October 24 - Pavi Dinamani and Nammy Sirur

“I love watching YouTube videos, but I could never make one myself.” We hear comments like this all the time and our instinct is to always ask, “Why not?

The fact is, 75% of people would much rather watch a video about something than read words on a page. Wouldn’t it be so much more effective, then, to turn all that copy on your website “about page” or your LinkedIn summary into a video? Imagine how many more eyeballs you’d get!

But what if you have no idea how to get started? Join the club! When we started our YouTube channel, The 9to5 MisFits, we did so with ZERO knowledge of video production.

Thankfully, we made all the mistakes so you don’t have to. Here are 6 ways to kickstart your video marketing strategy from scratch:

  1. Camera: There are so many elements that go into making a good video, the camera being one of the least important. You don’t really need a fancy DSLR camera to get started. There are plenty of budget-friendly options ranging from your cell phone to a Gopro, etc. The angle also matters, so a selfie stick or a flexible tripod will do the trick.

2. Lighting: Natural light is the best! Stay close to a window where the light is even throughout the shoot. Just be mindful of light changes on cloudy days or over the course of the day and pick a time accordingly. If you have floor lamps with LED light bulbs, you can create a simple 3-point lighting setup.

3. Sound: This is the deal breaker. People will forgive bad lighting and production value but not bad sound. Easiest ways to achieve good sound quality are recording in a quiet place and a padded or carpeted room with curtains to absorb sound. Things to avoid -- outdoor shoots or non-carpeted rooms with high ceilings that cause an echo. As for equipment, if you don’t have a mic, use your iPhone voice memo. Then sync the audio recording with the footage while editing.

4. The Look: This goes for both the background as well as the subject. What mood/tone are you going for? Pick a background and a color scheme accordingly. If you have a dull background, dress it up with a plant or other pops of color. Also be deliberate with your own wardrobe choices on camera. Bold colors work well, but avoid busy prints or checkered shirts since they create a weird optical illusion. If you wear makeup, keep the cheek highlighters and lip gloss to a minimum since they tend to reflect. Opt for matte makeup instead.

5. Scripting: Content is king! This rule absolutely applies to video as well. Even if you’re 100% sure of what you’re going to say, it’s vital to have a script or at least an outline to follow. Having some sort of guide to refer to keeps you from saying too many “umms” and “likes” -- believe me, that will happen once the camera is on. You do want your delivery to sound conversational and authentic, though, so don’t memorize and recite the script newscaster style. Use the script merely as a reference point and try to paraphrase.

6. Editing: If you use a Mac, iMovie is the best way to edit. It has all the basic features and is pretty user-friendly. Plus, you'll find tons of YouTube tutorials on how to use it. Just remember to save your work!

So there you go, guys. Now go make some beautiful video magic!

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