Stephanie Breedlove: How to Sell Your Startup for $50 Million

January 23 - On The Dot
FIRST THOUGHT: Women Balancing it All

One of the issues women face when they decide to have a child is whether they can or want to stay home to care for the baby, how long they might want to do that and so forth. But for many women, staying home isn’t an option. They will take their maternity leave, if they’re lucky enough to work for a company that provides it, and then decide on a caretaker or day-care center.

These choices aren’t easy. It’s just one circumstance in which women make tough decisions and sacrifices. Today, we applaud all hardworking mamas out there, whether you’re staying home, going into the office or just juggling it all in your own way.


Balancing life as a working mom is hard enough as it is. But when we’re not represented in the media, it can seem a bit like a slap in the face. According to a recent study of global ads, a mere 3 percent of advertisements throughout the world feature working women. It gets worse: In a two-year research initiative that looked at 25 different markets, 90 percent of women said they believe women are most often depicted in ads as sex symbols, and nearly a third believe women are solely portrayed the way men think women are.

With more and more women becoming the breadwinners of their homes, it’s time advertisers the world over started taking notice and making a change to reflect this.

WOMAN TO WATCH: Stephanie Breedlove, Co-founder of HomePay

If you are a working woman who has a family, you may decide to hire a full-time nanny. Long gone are the days of putting an ad in the newspaper or paying $3 an hour for neighborhood teenagers to watch the kiddos. These days, women are looking online to find safe, qualified and trustworthy applicants, and one key place moms and caretakers turn to is

Stephanie Breedlove co-founded HomePay, a full-service company that helps families process payroll and taxes related to their household employees, including child-care workers and nannies. The company serves more than 10,000 clients, processing about $20 million in payroll every month. So, yeah, it’s a really big help to a ton of moms and dads out there.

The company concept started in 1992, when Stephanie transitioned from consulting and took a big leap into entrepreneurship. As you might imagine, Stephanie’s journey has given her expert knowledge in labor and tax laws. Connecting with—the largest online marketplace for finding in-home care—in 2012 was a fruitful match. is the biggest online care destination in the world, with about 7 million members in 15 countries. But isn’t strictly for families who use child care. Users can find senior-care and special-needs assistance there too, among other services, like pet sitting and even errand runners.

But Stephanie’s interest in the household doesn’t stop there. She’s been a member of the International Nanny Association for almost two decades, and, as a staunch supporter of families and home workers, she advocates for household-employee education so workers and family employers fully understand their rights.

Stephanie is also an inventor in Central Texas Angel Network, which has invested more than $75 million in some 135 entrepreneurial companies since 2006. And with her new book, All In, Stephanie is ready to share her insight on how she, as a working mom, grew her business and eventually sold the startup for more than $50 million. It's the perfect inspiration for any woman looking to grow her business in a healthy way. The book's subtitle says it all: "How Women Entrepreneurs Can Think Bigger, Build Sustainable Businesses and Change the World."


We love this quote by Stephanie Breedlove herself:

“When the entrepreneurial journey leads you to go all in to help create the economic and cultural changes the world needs, words can’t describe its worth. I wish it for every woman called to entrepreneurship.”

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