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How Meal Prep Will Save the Busy Working Woman
October 1 - Sarah Ashlock

FIRST THOUGHT: Failing to Succeed

Have you ever been on step three of a recipe only to find out you’re missing a key ingredient? Or maybe you were on your way to an important meeting and suddenly saw you were only a couple miles from an empty gas tank. An old saying goes, “Dig your well before you’re thirsty.” It’s called preparation: “I wish I would have ___ before ___.” Probably pretty easy to fill that in. I wish I would have looked to see if there were toilet paper in this stall before I sat down. Now, ask your future self the same question. What upcoming project or event could use a little preparation?


I’ve skimmed instead of thoroughly reading instructions more times than I’d like to admit. While I assume skimming will save time, it often adds way more time (case in point: skimming while trying to put together every piece of IKEA furniture). Incompetence is usually a determining factor to success: One of the top reasons why 46% of small businesses fail is due to incompetence.

WOMAN TO WATCH: Talia Koren, Founder of WorkWeek Lunch & Instagram Growth Specialist

You’re a huge idol in my book if you meal prep, and if you’re a meal prepper who shares how to meal prep, even better. I’m yours for life. Enter today’s Woman to Watch, Talia Koren. Now, I’m sure you’ve seen picture-perfect containers of food pop up on your feed, often looking like about as much food for a small bird or child. There’s some description about how it only took all day Sunday to prep and you’re like, yeah, I’ll just pop in a Lean Cuisine.

This home chef extraordinaire has had her share of professional setbacks, like being let go from a job she adored. But that disappointment set Talia on a path of self-discovery, one in which she uncovered that a straight-and-narrow career path wasn’t going to cut it. Instead, Talia thrives on learning and exploring the different demands of being your own boss and the freedom to follow your own clock. I dare say it’s why she’s been able to pivot from a staff writer at a media publication to a full-time CEO at WorkWeek Lunch.

One day, Talia was taking an online business course, when she targeted in on this idea that everyone has the ability to make something healthy and budget-friendly at home. That’s when she started her company WorkWeek Lunch, and after a year garnered 100,000-plus Instagram followers. Her major growth on Instagram is one reason she’s also an Instagram organic growth specialist for clients in industries, such as wellness and career. Talia is that perfect middle(wo)man between your naturally lazy self and who you want to be: She makes meal prep attainable in simple, affordable steps.

Like Talia’s recipes and meal plans, restriction isn’t in her vocabulary, either. She believes in intuitive eating. In a world where every other woman you meet woefully says they ought to be on a diet, Talia has taken a different approach. As she says, there’s never an end to weight loss goals and weight isn’t necessarily indicative of health. Talia’s customers appreciate this authenticity and transparent agenda; You won’t see her selling diet tea any time soon.

A perfect entry into meal prep is Talia’s comprehensive, three-step overnight oats recipe. From there, you can find plenty of recipes that’ll help you resist that leftover birthday cake in the break room. If you want to make life even more hassle-free, Talia just launched a subscription service: For a monthly rate, your recipes and shopping lists are created for you with the ability to customize.

Talia says that one of the hardest aspects has been financial unpredictability. She gets real when she says that part of entrepreneurship is oftentimes accruing some debt; it takes more than a few Tupperware containers to launch a startup, grow a strong social media presence and stay true to yourself. But, if you set realistic goals and timelines, you might just make it. Oh, and always be prepared.

Follow Talia on Twitter @thetalillama.

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As our Woman to Watch, Talia Koren, said:

"Don't let the 'how' hold you back. ... Being held back by 'I don't know how' isn't an excuse we can make anymore thanks to the internet."

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