6 Actionable Steps To Take Before Starting Your Own Business

April 2 - Alli Pozeznik
  1. Start dreaming.

    There is something really powerful about picturing the future you want. Imagining the lifestyle, experiences, things and people you want in your life can be a big motivator and help you stay on track. In order to stir up these dreams I use guided imagery, create a vision boards, say daily affirmations, etc. These things can help attract those things into your life. Research “law of attraction” and let your crunchy hippy dippy brain waves go nuts! If you’re not into that, find what helps you focus in on what life you want to live in the future.
    Recommendation: Stick With It Co. daily affirmation post-its.

2. Network and get feedback.

Have an idea? Have 100 ideas? Find 1 or 2 trusted, entrepreneurial spirited friends that can support your big dreams and also give you some realistic feedback. If you don’t know any, start looking sister! Brainstorm all the ways you think you can meet someone in the field you are curious about and go for it. Recommendations: Head to SCORE.org to find a small business mentor and sign up for free workshops that range from business finances to Google analytics.

3. Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.

Put your pride aside, skip happy hour and spend time with those who know MORE than you. Join meet ups with persons you look up to, find a small business mentor, take workshops that interest you, walk into a small business you adore and treat the owner to a cup of coffee to learn more about their story and how they got their business started. Why waste time guessing the best way to start your business or risk investing in an idea that maybe isn’t going to take off. There’s a saying, “You are the average of who you surround yourself with”. Our time is valuable, consider this when you’re choosing where and who you choose to spend your time with. Level up, ladies!

4. Allow yourself adequate time to start your business and play out the worst case scenario in your mind.

Austin can be a tempting place to throw out the corporate Kool-aid you’ve been drinking and sign up to be a small business owner. People have been successful in doing this but be mindful of how long it will take you to start being profitable. Many small business owners fund their own dreams. Put your budget together, have a plan and then stick to it!

As you are thinking up a timeline for jumping ship on your current job, think long and hard about the worst-case scenario that could happen. Two things happen when you do this, 1.) You get a clear picture of the absolute worst outcome and that gives you feedback on proceeding or not. And 2.) Instead of dwelling within anxiety day in and day out, you have already thought of the worst it could be. If you are okay with that outcome, don’t let fear master your day-to-day life!

Recommendations: Use a budgeting platform, like Mint, to set specific goals to save for start up costs. Organize your goals and the actions you need to accomplish by using a Goal Pyramid worksheet, watch “Life in Half a Second Challenge-Goal Pyramid” YouTube video, for more details.

5. Fuel your mind with good resources.

Get ready to get schooled! Fill your time with books that come recommended by successful entrepreneurs. Start following businesses on social media you are inspired by or who are “doing it right” in your eyes. Pop that motivational podcast on while you’re stuck in traffic. Surrounding yourself with knowledge is power girl, so plug in.
Recommendation: You Are A Badass written by Jen Sincero

6. Practice great time management & setting boundaries.

If I asked you, ”Have you been busy, lately?”, it’s highly likely most of you would say, “Yes!”. If you’re serious about starting your own business start practicing saying “no”. It doesn’t sound very entrepreneurial, does it? The saying is true, “you can do anything, but you can’t do everything.

Because of this reality, think about your time strategically. There will be times you’ll have to pass on things that won’t serve you best. This circles back to dreaming big- you are in control of making your aspirations come true, no one else Stay focused on your path and stay alert to people and distractions that pull you away from that path. I recently resonated with this boss babelicious quote, “If you see me less, I’m doing more”.
Recommendations: Find a great planner or online calendar that works for you. I enjoy the simplicity and esthetic of Leatherology planners.

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